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Dr Comfort Women Refresh-Athletic Shoes with Matching Arch Support Insoles

Dr. Comfort

  • $148.99

What make our store special?

We are dedicated to sell shoes that are healthy, comfortable, therapeutic, and orthotics-ready. All of our shoes come with leather-covered orthotic insoles on request to help relieve foot pain. All were approved by our on-site podiatrists. We are also a Diabetic shoes supplier& custom molded orthotics maker.

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Shoes Description:

Stay active in comfort with our stylish ultra-lightweight Refresh athletic shoes. This is a true lightweight cross-trainer that has a unique arch stabilizer, providing your feet with enhanced support and comfort. Your body will feel refreshed, even at the end of the day. Shoes are good for diabetes & non-diabetes people.

Come with a FREE special pair of comfortable arch support orthotic insoles which help relieve foot pain, heel pain, back pain due to long hour standing/ walking.

Note: If you are diabetic, please indicate in the note at the Paypal check out screen that you request heat molded insert, we will be happy to send you the diabetic insoles instead. For non-diabetic customers, we will send you the stronger, better arch support insoles which provide the ultimate comfort, pressure-relief for your foot.


Why Footwear Matters for Diabetic People?

Well-made, properly fitting footwear can help you avoid complications associated with diabetes, including unnecessary amputations.

Dr. Comfort offers a complete footwear system for men and women with diabetes.


• The extra width and depth of Dr. Comfort shoes alleviate pressure on swollen feet, bunions, hammer toes for a more comfortable fit.
• Our supportive, lightweight shoe design protects your feet — and helps you stay active.
• Heat-molded inserts personalize the fit of your Dr. Comfort shoes.


• Dr. Comfort socks promote blood circulation while reducing the moisture and microbial growth that can cause infections.


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