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About us

We are dedicated to sell the shoes that are healthy, comfortable, therapeutic, and orthotics-ready. Most of our shoes can be equipped with matching therapeutic leather-covered orthotic insoles or custom made arch support orthotic insoles upon your request. These therapeutic arch support orthotic insoles will help you reallocate your body weight in a healthier body frame balance and relieve foot pain, back pain, and bring you the ultimate comfort. All therapeutic and diabetic shoes were approved by our on-site podiatrists. We are also a Diabetic shoes and socks supplier & custom-molded orthotics maker. Medicare, Medicaid, and most of the insurances are accepted for custom-made orthotics and podiatrist office visits of all ages locally. Our showroom and clinic are located on 9896 Bellaire Blvd. Ste. H1, Houston, TX 77036. Please contact us at 713-270-0600 for more information if needed.



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